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Expiry Date 2018-04-10
Days 30
Old Price 168
Promotion Price RM109
Address N04,Jln Dato'Bandar Tunggal
City Seremban
State/Province Negeri Sembilan
Country Malaysia
Distance 33 Miles
Mobile 017-6022270
Phone No 0176022270

35% OFF-Handheld Mini Nano Ionic Facial Steamer.

RM168 RM109


[ORIGINAL] Kingdom KD-777 Handheld Mini Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


  • Handy mist for facial water compensation;
  • Efficiently moisturize and refresh your skin anywhere anytime;
  • Nano ionic cool mist penetrates into the basal cell layer of the skin, the cooling function shrinks the pores and makes skin firmer;
  • Provide the necessary humidity to help you set and refresh your make-up, it won’t destroy you makeup;
  • 1min timer is ideal to have a quick skin rejuvenation in the office, on flights, outdoor, at home, in the car, etc;
  • Help to relieve dryness due to air conditioned heated or cooled environment;
  • Spraying lasts for 60 seconds each time. After stopped, push up the front cover and then push down for another 60 seconds;
  • Suitable for all the water-based solution;
  • Large water tank capacity: 9ml;
  • Built in 400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, after being full charged, it can be used over 120 times.



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