About us

About us:
Constantly we are searching or missing deals around us. Why does this happen? The activities of marketing campaigns are limited or near to none for small businesses while the bigger guys are having financial strength to run marketing campaigns. So, the smaller businesses resort to just hanging some discount tags at their business premises hoping for them to be noticed. What they are lacking need to be compensated.
While at customer end, we are so into digital age with our head down busy looking at our smart phones, we miss this deals as they are not present on the screen. We also have no time to find parking and walk up and down shops to get the best deals.

That’s when we thought of deals nearby! We wanted to give a voice to the voiceless and a chance to succeed. This site is affordable enough for business owners to place their deals with location. They are free to update the new deals whenever they want. By doing this, they place themselves in the digital traffic and stand a chance to be noticed thus increasing their sales.
Customers are now happier as they can continue with browsing this site before making a decision to leave their comfort zone. They’ll save time, money and stress.
So, be apart of this awesome community to get amazing deals. By making a purchase, you are giving a voice to those who were not visible before and also walking away with a fantastic deal!

Missing a deal, no more!
We want to be the hub where all deals are placed by location. It’s a must stop for customers to visit before shopping.

We provide an affordable registration fee and infrastructure for business owners to place their deals.
We engage with customers via various strategies to keep them informed on the current market status and drive them towards deals nearby.